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BMW Airhead

There’s something about antique motorcycles that stirs the imagination. I would say that applies to all older bikes, but especially to those outside the Japanese built flavor.

When I acquired this motorcycle in 2008, I noticed right away the amount of conversation it spurred almost everywhere it took me.

Many people would tell me they knew someone else who had an older bike. Norton’s, Triumph’s, Moto Guzzi’s and BMW’s seemed to be the one’s most talked about.

Then there were those who had never seen one of these, and they were the ones who wanted to hear the story behind it.

This is a 1976 BMW R60/6. These are commonly referred to as “airheads” because they have an air-cooled engine, and because of the way the cylinder heads stick out on each side of the engine. They’re also referred to as “boxers” or “boxer twins”.

Hear her purr..

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